ED logo Federal Trio ProgramsUB/UBMS/VUB Online Program Year 2015-16

 Deadline Date: April 29, 2016

The FY 2016 appropriation bill allocated an additional $60 million to the Federal TRIO Programs. As a result, existing Upward Bound/Upward Bound Math-Science/Veterans Upward Bound grantees are eligible to receive a 3% increase in their funding award for project year 2016-17. As a condition of receiving the 3% increase, grantees will be required to select from one of the following options in this electronic form: (1) increase your FY16 Funded Number commensurate with the 3% funding increase, or (2) intensify a listed project service (ex: provide more tutoring, internships, counseling). Grantees may also choose to decline the 3% funding increase for FY 2016. Upon logging into the system, please complete all relevant fields and submit the electronic form no later than Friday, April 29.