ED logo Federal Trio ProgramsMcNair Online Program Year 2012-13

arrow Important Dates

  • Each McNair grantee must complete and submit this report by:
    May 16, 2014.

arrow Reminders:

  • You must register to obtain your user id and password. We strongly advise grantees to register on the site immediately so the information is available to avoid delays during the last week of submission.
  • We recommend you read the Dear Colleague letter as the document contains important information regarding the 2012-13 McNair APR and new reporting requirements.

Begin Completing your Annual Performance Report (APR):
  • Download an electronic copy or print a hard copy of the McNair APR.
  • Register to obtain a userid and temporary password by clicking on the "Register Here Each Year" link.
  • Reset your password by entering your userid and temporary password.
  • Once you login, download the McNair APR data file from the “Getting Started Page.” This last step is critical as this file contains all of the records from the McNair Tier 1A process that need to be on your 2012-13 APR data submission.